Selective Sampler
Selective Sampler
Selective Sampler


  • Increase the selectivity of ACAMS and MINICAMS* based air-monitoring systems by adding an additional column via the Selective Sampler
  • The Selective Sampler does not require any modification of the ACAMS or MINICAMS to install a second column into the sampling stream.
  • The Selective Sampler is automatically synchronized with the sample-purge cycles of the MINICAMS or ACAMS using digital communication from the MINICAMS and analog-to-digital communication from the ACAMS.
  • The Selective Sampler MINICAMS version and the Selective Sampler ACAMS version each use the same preconcentrator tubes as their respective host systems.
  • Selective Samplers can be fitted with any 0.32 mm capillary column at the time of manufacture.  Experienced users can install a different column later, as needed.
  • The Selective Sampler features a simple user interface via a 20 x 4 backlit LCD with an integrated 6-button keypad.
  • The easily navigated display screens present important information clearly, allowing users to monitor various instrument temperature readings, carrier gas and clean air pressures, and sample flow rates. 
  • Users simply set a time gate corresponding to the time when the compound of interest exits the column and the Selective Sampler automatically sends the relevant sample to the MINICAMS or ACAMS during their sample period.  While the MINICAMS or ACAMS are in their purge period, the Selective Sampler begins a new sample period.  This design results in no interruption of the normal functioning of the MINICAMS or ACAMS.
  • The Selective Sampler is a simple and affordable way to add an additional column to ACAMS or MINICAMS based air-monitoring systems, while still maintaining the standard ACAMS and MINICAMS configuration.  This avoids the inherent problems with non-standard solutions such as installing a second column directly in an ACAMS system.




*MINICAMS is a registered trademark of O.I. Analytical/CMS Field Products


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