Low Volume Sampler

The Low Volume Sampler (LVS) is engineered and manufactured by Cahaba Micro, LLC and distributed by NRT Methodologies, Inc. It is a loop sampling system accessory designed to sample high concentration measurements and deliver a manageable fixed low volume sample to the Field MINICAMS®. The system includes:

- An LVS chassis with an internal heated valve body and loop support capable of heating up to 120°C. A simple user interface allows for a several controlled temperature settings. A wide variety of fixed volume loop sizes and material are available and can be wrapped around the loop support. Four minimatic valves are used to load the loop with vapors from the sampling area and flush the loop for sample delivery to the MINICAMS®.

- An LVS pump used to “load” the loop from a sample stream. A solenoid valve is installed on the pump to stop the sample flow when it is not needed. The LVS pump should be installed in a fume hood or equivalent to prevent the release of harmful vapors into the work area or the environment.

- The LVS is connected upstream from the MINICAMS® at the end of a transfer line that may be heated. It can be attached to an individual Stream Selection System (SSS) port’s sample line, or, in the case of single-point sampling, directly to the MINICAMS® inlet. Using small such as 0.1- mL, 1.0- mL, or 10.0-mL sample-loop volumes, very high concentration levels can be measured.

- During the MINICAMS Purge period (the LVS Sample loading period), a sample stream is directed into the LVS “SAMPLE” port, through the internal sample loop, and out to the LVS pump through the LVS “PUMP” port. When the MINICAMS® enters the sample period (the LVS purge or flush period), the flow of sample is stopped, the valve is switched to the “FRESH AIR” and “MINICAMS” port and the contents of the LVS loop are flushed into the MINICAMS pre-concentrator tube (PCT) and then analyzed during the following MINICAMS Purge period. The LVS uses four minimatic valves. These valves improve reliability and are easy to maintain. The front panel LCD shows timing, valve state and internal temperature. The system has provided a data set every three minutes during test execution.

- LVS applications include the monitoring of areas where high concentrations are expected. An LVS coupled with an FPD MINICAMS® can sample concentrations up to 50mg/m3 and with an FID up to 5000mg/m3. Note: results will vary with loop size. The LVS can verify permeation testing, referee vapor dissemination systems, quantify chamber concentrations and provide concentration data for field testing.

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