Reduce On-Site Risk - Battelle AirAlert is an automated air monitoring system that can quickly warn staff of airborne chemicals in the field, on the plant floor, or wherever they may be deployed. Our easy-to-use, portable system can detect volatile sulfurcontaining and phosphorus-containing chemicals, such as VX and sarin nerve agents and sulfur mustard. In addition, a chlorine selective detector is available to monitor for chlorine-containing chemicals.

Chemicals are detected within their 15-minute short-term exposure limits and an alarm is sounded within 10 minutes or less. Battelle AirAlert’s advanced technology can detect volatile phosphorus-, sulfur-, and chlorine-containing chemicals at sub-part-per-billion concentrations.

Monitor With Accuracy - You can access real-time data on your computer and review stored data that can be used for work environment safety validation. Complex, multisubstance work areas can be difficult to monitor but with the Battelle AirAlert you can monitor them with accuracy and quickly alert workers whenever needed.

Detection of Sulfur-Containing Chemicals viewpdf

Detection of n-Dodecyl Mercaptan and n-Octyl Mercaptan viewpdf

Using Heart Cut Methods to Reduce False Positives for Automated Air Monitoring Systems viewpdf


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